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Does your business grow when you take a vacation?

Most social media platforms require creators and entrepreneurs to become content machines.

We've all experienced how unsustainable this is — when we get sick, have an event, or just need a break, engagement declines.

SEO content, in the other hand, produces reliable (aka organic) monthly traffic directly to your website.

Furthermore, the vast majority (68%) of website traffic comes from a search.  

That means, if you want to bring attention to your website, you need to either pay for traffic or attract traffic via search engines.

Hello, SEO writing.

Why SEO Content?

Evergreen 🌲 content is always relevant and searchable — as opposed to timely content, like news. Evergreen content can, however, be specific to a time of year.

Example: A blog post about DIY Halloween costumes is still evergreen because people will search for “DIY Halloween costumes” every year.

This allows creators and entrepreneurs to invest time in content that has the potential to generate regular traffic for many years to come.

Grow Your Business — Social Media Optional

In my seven years as a professional writer and content strategist, I have discovered a plethora of ways for creatives to make a living.  

Still, the greatest challenge most creators face is marketing. For solo creators and side hustlers, time is especially valuable.

Let me introduce you to passive marketing.

Passive income is the popular buzzword. But what good is passive income if you're stuck on a content treadmill?

It's time to get outside again, folks.

SEO content in the form of blog posts and YouTube videos can produce a passive marketing strategy to support marketing your business — whether you're posting to social media or not.

No fancy tools. Old-fashioned Googling + solid writing for the web & authority building.

That’s what I teach, alongside general digital marketing know-how.


I am giving away my knowledge on SEO writing so small businesses can prosper with this information. To help you get started (and allow me to generate income), I'm putting together an SEO Starter Kit.

This kit will include blog post templates, an SEO checklist, a spreadsheet for generating topic ideas, and more. Sign up to get notified of its release - as well as the content I'll be releasing on how to create a profitable blog.

All of the information is free. You're welcome to leave a tip or grab the SEO Starter Kit when it's released. Also, be sure to subscribe to my monthly newsletter.

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