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Prioritizing creativity among the many other aspects of life requires intentionality.

I have never been able to adhere to my idealized version of creativity  — like some Ghibli film routine: I wake up to dust the room, collect flowers, and sit to write my masterpiece with tea.

Indeed, trying to get to a state of readiness or inspiration prevented me from showing up at all.

Now I show up stinky and tired and hopeful. I show up weary and rested and joyful. I show up scared and curious and imperfect.

I have goals of sharing my creative work with the world. I hope you do too.

Even so, it doesn't become magically easier to show up and do the work.

In my experience, showing up requires four things:

  • A clear 'why' — to break through inertia.
  • Specific goals of 'what' I will work on.
  • Scheduled time blocks to work on it.
  • Outside community to inspire me.

Enter Creative Accountability Club: a group for showing up together.

Whatever you create, in any medium or discipline, is welcome.

What's Included:

  • 2-Hr Weekly Create Together
  • Quarterly Goals & Clarity Meeting
  • Annual Big Picture Worksheet
  • Access to Members-Only Discord

Launching Soon.

Do you dream of building a creative business? Are you determined to become a full-time writer? Does your butt wiggle for artistic freedom?

Then you have to prioritize creating regularly.

Common creativity zappers that are all-too-easy to fall into:

  • Obsession with building a following;
  • Disinterest or overwhelm at the idea of becoming a content creator;
  • General exhaustion from various life responsibilities;
  • Fear of failure without the support of creative community.

Regardless of your goals, a creative practice is essential.

Your music, book, inventions, and art can't make an impact if you aren't making the thing and sharing it with your audience — no matter the size.

The future in your mind — where you're thriving from the fruits of your craft — requires present you to face their fears of looking like a fool, failing, and being generally shit at making stuff.

Frankly, I don't care if you're good at what you do or not. I care that you do it.

There are plenty of successful people who are perfectly crap at what they do but that didn't stop them from pursuing their dreams — so why hesitate? If someone more mediocre than you can succeed, why not just try?

Why not act as though you are worthy of success and let it come?

Worse case, you spent a lot of your time doing something that brings your soul nourishment and your heart joy.

Best case, you affect other people's' lives in beautiful, positive ways while providing for your own.

Creative Accountability Club is designed to be an anchor for your creative practice.

Everything is open to change and feedback, so please feel welcome to provide yours. The following descriptions outline the main offerings:

Weekly Create Together

The bulk of this time is meant to be spent with our microphones muted. You're welcome to leave your camera on or turn it off.

We will open with three deep breaths, followed by a short (30 sec) dance break to shake the jitters and mental cobwebs loose.

Then, we will begin working on whatever it is we have set out to work on. We'll work together for just under two hours. Then I will close by thanking the group for being here and reminding everyone of the next meeting.

This meeting is meant to be a container of space.

Therefore, I think it is important for the majority of the 2hrs to be silent so people can focus on what they're creating. However, everyone is welcome to discuss what they're working on or ask for help in the Discord group (more on that below).

How to Use This Time:

  • Indulge in a creative medium you love but don't give time t0.
  • Push a creative project forward on a consistent basis.
  • Work on your creative business: create content or products.
  • Try something new every week: painting, writing, collage, music, sculpture, etc. — or a new genre each week: poetry, memoir, fiction, etc.
  • Any way you can imagine! However makes you excited to show up!

Quarterly Goals & Clarity Meeting

This meeting is a guided workshop. I recommend using pen & notebook to record your answers; you're also welcome to use your phone or computer.

We will open with a short mediation and free write.

I will then ask 4 - 5 questions about how last month went, your goals for this month, and general reflections on the creative process.

We will spend about ten minutes answering each question as a group. Once we are done, we'll spend the same amount of time with each question to hold space for a few people to share their answers.

Toward the end, I will offer some closing affirmations for the month and pull a few tarot cards for the group. You are welcome to pull your own cards at this time too.

I will open the floor up for a couple Q&As and closing remarks from people who would like to speak. I will close by thanking the group for being here and reminding everyone of the next meeting.

Annual Big Picture Worksheets

When you sign up for CAC, you'll immediately receive access to your first worksheet: Start Where You Are (& Welcome!).

It's designed to help members get clear on their creative goals.

The worksheets are released the beginning of each year. They're different every time — so there is always something new and fresh.

Members-Only Discord Group

Looking for a daily accountability buddy? Need some inspiration for a new project? Have a question about writer's block?

My desire is for the CAC discord group to become a thriving community of creative people engaging across mediums.

How much is it going to cost?

I thought about this a lot: what's a price that's fair to my time-input but accessible to the majority of people? I think I've settled on a sweet spot:

$8 / month — or $88 / year.

That being said, I want CAC to be available to anyone who wants to participate. If you would like to join but are financially unable, please contact me and request a "scholarship". When Creative Accountability Club launches, I will comp your membership. No questions asked.

Let your creativity unfurl and bask.

Creative Accountability Club.
Launching soon.

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