A place for creatives to thrive

Starts June 1st!

What's Included:

  • Twice weekly two-hour focus sessions
  • Discord group to share struggles & wins
  • Weekly creative exercises to spark play

Only $8 to join❣️

*Doors are closed* Creative Accountability Club is currently in session! Get on the waiting list:

Prioritizing creativity among the many other aspects of life requires intentionality.

I have never been able to adhere to my idealized version of creativity  — like some Ghibli film where I wake up, dust the room, collect flowers, and sit to write my masterpiece with tea.

Indeed, trying to get to a state of readiness or inspiration prevented me from showing up at all.

Now I show up stinky and tired and hopeful. I show up weary and rested and joyful. I show up scared and curious and imperfect.

I have goals of sharing my creative work with the world. I hope you do too.

Even so, it doesn't become magically easier to show up and do the work.

In my experience, showing up requires four things:

  • A clear 'why' — to break through inertia.
  • Specific goals of 'what' I will work on.
  • Open blocks of time to work on it.
  • Outside community to motivate & inspire.

Enter Creative Accountability Club: a group for showing up together. Whatever you create, in any medium or discipline, is welcome.

Do you dream of building a creative business? Are you determined to become a full-time creative writer? Does your butt wiggle for artistic freedom?

Then you have to prioritize creating regularly.

Common creativity zappers that are all-too-easy to fall into:

  • Obsession with building a following;
  • Disinterest or overwhelm in starting a creative business;
  • General exhaustion from life and its responsibilities;
  • Fear of failure without the support of creative community.
  • An amorphous anxiety only shaken by building confidence.

Regardless of the goal, a practice is essential.

Your music, book, inventions, and art can't make an impact if you aren't making the thing and sharing it with an audience — or publishing agent.

The future in your mind, where you're thriving from the fruits of your craft, requires present you to face the possibility of looking like a fool.

Frankly, I don't care if you're good at what you do or not.

I care that you do it.

There are plenty of successful people who are perfectly crap at what they do but that doesn't stop them from pursuing their dreams. Besides, "perfectly crap," is just like my opinion, man. It's all subjective.

What if your work is already worthy of success? Would you hide your creations if you knew they would make someone smile?

"Worse" case, you spent a lot of your time doing something that brings your soul nourishment and your heart joy.

"Best" case, you affect other people in beautiful, uplifting, empowering ways while providing for your own life and family.

I mean, why do you create anyway? Would you create even if nothing ever came of it? I know I would. First and foremost, creativity is for me.

Creative Accountability Challenge

We begin June 1st!

What's Included:

  • Twice weekly two-hour focus sessions
  • Discord group to share struggles & wins
  • Weekly creative exercises to spark play

Only $8 to join❣️

Creative Accountability Club is designed to be an anchor for your creative practice.

Everything is open to change and feedback, so please feel welcome to provide yours. The following descriptions outline the main offerings:

Weekly Focus Sessions

Twice weekly "create together" sessions.

How to Use This Time:

  • Indulge in a creative medium you love but don't give time to.
  • Push a creative project forward on a consistent basis.
  • Work on your creative business: create content or products.
  • Try something new every week: painting, writing, collage, music, sculpture, etc. — or a new genre each week: poetry, memoir, fiction, etc.
  • Any way you can imagine! However makes you excited to show up!

Session Schedule

We will vote on days and time before June 1st.

I will host one weekly session in the morning and evening, as between time zones and potential schedule hiccups as possible. My hope is that everyone will be able to attend at least one weekly session.

Each session, we will open by taking some deep breaths. Then we will begin!

To provide focus, I will mute all microphones after the initial welcoming and hellos. You're welcome to leave your camera on or turn it off.

I will encourage a 10-15 minute break at the halfway mark.

We'll work together for just under two hours. Then I will close by thanking the group for being here and reminding everyone of the next meeting.

This meeting is meant to be a container of space.

Therefore, it is important for the majority of the two hours to be silent so people can focus on what they're creating. However, everyone is welcome to discuss what they're working on or ask for help in the Discord group.

Members-Only Discord Group

Looking for a daily accountability buddy?

Need some inspiration for a new project? Have a question about writer's block? Want to share what you're working on?

My desire is for the CAC discord group to become a thriving community of creative people engaging across mediums.

The private group link will be included in the email sent a week before we begin (around May 25), alongside your first creative exercise.

Creative Exercises

Sometimes serious, sometimes silly, always optional. The weekly creative exercises will be included in the correspondence email. I may ask you to take yourself on a solo date to fill your creative reservoir (ala The Writer's Way).

Another week, I may ask you to tell a stranger they're beautiful; then write about the experience: how did it feel; how did they react; how do you feel now? Who knows what I will ask of you! Discover inspiration in unlikely places.

Let your creativity unfurl and bask.

Creative Accountability Club.
Starting June 1st.


How Will I Be Notified of CAC Sessions?

All correspondence for Creative Accountability Club (CAC) will be by email. Each week, I will share the information for connecting to the sessions, reminder about the Discord group, and an optional weekly creative exercise included just for fun.

Will the Session Be Recorded?

The intention of our focus sessions is for us to create together. However, if your schedule simply does not allow you to participate, I will share a recordings after each meeting. You can participate at anytime by playing the recorded video.

What Time Will the Sessions Be?

My intention is for everyone to be able to attend at least one live session each week. Therefore, each week I will host a morning and evening session.

I will poll everyone a couple weeks before we begin, so sign up now if you want to be able to vote! We will vote on a few different times and days.

I am thinking some combination of Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday. The morning session would begin around 6am Pacific time; the evening session around 4pm Pacific time. If we choose a Sunday session, we will aim for a late morning window.

What Happens After I Sign Up?

You will immediately receive payment confirmation. You will also receive a Welcome email that includes what to expect and a timeline for the challenge.

A week before we begin, I will send an email with your first creative exercise, a link to the Discord group, and a poll to decide days/times for Focus Sessions.

I will send out the first week's email on June 1st (Thursday)! Then we'll get this party started like Pink in 2001. All other weekly emails will be sent each Friday.

Do You Offer Returns?

If you change your mind before the start date, Contact Me and I will provide a return. Once we begin, returns will be offered infrequently on a case-by-case basis.

How Much Does It Cost?

$8. That's it! This is the first creative accountability challenge. While I may change the pricing model in the future, I want the creative challenge to be accessible to anyone. Especially during this economic climate, I feel it's important that anyone who wants to participate can do.

Not affordable? Contact me to join; no questions asked.

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