a creative journal for artists full of love and farts 🩷💨


I'm Conner Carey (they/them), a poet and songwriter with a background in content marketing. Welcome to my tiny internet home!

What You'll Find Here

This domain is the home for my creative works. I've spent a lot of time creating and not nearly enough time sharing what I create. I'm changing that.

  • I write a monthly newsletter, often featuring my creative works
  • I am putting a book of poems together for publishing
  • I am learning music production and slowly-but-surely recording an album

These are my main projects, the things I'm putting extended attention on right now. My goal is to inspire your creative process through transparently sharing the journey of my own.

My Background

I was a child of Britney Spears and NSYNC. I watched music videos on VH1 before every day of middle school.

As a teenager, I stoked the fires of my eating disorder on Tumblr and taught myself HTML and CSS to code sick layouts for MySpace.

I grew up middle class; you know, when America had one. I was 15 when my mom chose freedom over security and my parents divorced.

After that, Mom and I lived below the poverty line. It was a major wake-up call to the litany of advantages I had been able to take for granted.

Meanwhile, I dreamed of stardom in Los Angeles or New York. My mom even took money from her savings so I could attend a 4-week acting program at New York Film Academy in LA. It was life-changing in the best way.

But I was scared. Scared I was too fat to succeed. Scared I would always struggle to make ends meet. Scared the big city would swallow me whole.

I lived on the inside of myself, so nothing outside could hurt me. But it meant that no one really saw me because I didn't let them. I felt the most myself when I pretended to be a Broadway star in my room late at night.

One night, I found an answer I didn't know I was looking for. From a Facebook ad, I discovered a hippie college in middle-of-nowhere Iowa. "Conscious-based education. Vegetarian meals. One course a month." Yes, please.

By the end of summer 2010, Mom and I visited the small town. I met other potential students who were weirdos like me. I got accepted into the university and away we went...somewhere over our rainbow.


I unfurled. I found myself. I smoked weed for the first time. I fell in love and got my heart thoroughly broken. I performed. I became known as a performer. In a small town of 10,000, I felt famous.

Then I got sick. I was committed to the hospital...a story for another day. I nearly lost my life, and it forced me to let go of hating my body.

I entered an era of self-love and self-dedication. I wrote hundreds of poems and a musical, The End of the World.


In 2018, Mom and I moved into a 24' RV to travel the country. We went on our biggest adventure yet. A year later... somewhere in Oregon, I met my partner, Callista. And so the story continues to be written.

Currently, I am pursuing a part-time degree through Berklee College of Music, studying Songwriting & Music Production with the goal of writing, composing, and producing my music.

I have always written songs. I am so excited to share them. Thank you for reading; I'd love to hear about you.

Thank You for Being

I hope you find something that inspires, delights, or provides room for a cleansing breath. Thank you for continuing to be inside your body. I know it's not always easy, but I thank you for your commitment to being alive.

To the kick-ass creatives full of integrity and love, stay the course darlings. We're just getting started.

With love and badassery,


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