A place for creatives to thrive

My name is Conner Carey (they/them).

A writer by trade, I'm a poet and music-maker who's probably somewhere in the woods. I started my digital marketing education when MySpace was still relevant and people weren't sure if affiliate marketing was a scam (it's not).

As the internet has evolved and I've become an adult in the working world, the questions around shipping my creative work have become more pressing:

  • How do I center my creativity while marketing it?
  • How do I find an audience?
  • Does anybody give a rat's ass about music, writing, and other queer shit?
  • How do I find balance so I can live the life I truly want to live?

I am a passionate punk. I am trans & non-binary. I live with mental illness.

This September (2022), I began pursuing an online degree in music part-time through Berklee College of Music . I'm creating my own degree: learning everything from business through production.


I value justice-oriented, accessible, and sustainable communities and businesses. I value dynamism and compassion. I value thoughtful word and courageous action.

May you find something that inspires, delights, or provides room for a cleansing breath. Thank you for being here. To the kick-ass creatives full of integrity and heart, stay the course darlings. We're just getting started.


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