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Do you think AI will replace writers and other creative jobs? To test the current capabilities, I let AI write my email.

Then I wrote my own.

I'd like to think my career as a professional writer speaks for itself. And I believe there will always be an unspeakable something AI cannot replicate.

But as corporations plow forward and investors look for fresh wins after the fallout from crypto, it's hard to say what capitalism will do next.

From audiobooks to television, the threat of AI to creative jobs is already a reality. AI is bringing the voices of long-passed actors back from the dead, while Hollywood writers strike for fair pay and regulations around AI.

In this video, I jest about AI coming for my job but it's impossible to say how it will affect creative jobs, including my own as a professional writer.

Are you concerned about AI replacing creative jobs, whether you're a professional writer, artist, musician, or other creative — what's your take?

Let’s talk about it.

Head-to-head, who wins? Me, a professional writer or AI? You decide!

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