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What Is Commander? How to Play the 100-Card Format Taking Over MTG

How to Prepare Trading Cards for Grading & Shipping (Tips for High Grades)

How to Organize & Store Your Magic Collection (Best Method)

When Can a Planeswalker be a Commander? (Ranked List, Rules & Exceptions)

Professional Review

"The consummate professional with well-researched, creative ideas and a style of writing that actually has personality - that's Conner in a nutshell.

"I had the pleasure of working with Conner to develop and launch a brand new content program. They were invaluable in helping determine content topics, tone, establishing a calendar, and SEO mechanics.

"From blog posts, to guides, newsletters, ad copy, and one-liners, Conner always delivered. I look forward to working with them again."

- Jodi Gaines, Former Manager

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