music and poetry for sensitive birds

My fat rolls contain secret passages
pull the right book off the shelf
and you might trigger a door 
into a whole new world

But then again, loving me is just like that:
discovering something new, crisp, and exciting
on a regular basis. Luxuriating 
in simple pleasures like they’re going to save
the whole damn human race

Howling when the heartache drops you
into your gut and you’ve got nothing but 
love to pour

I used to want to be small enough
that the wind might blow me over

Now I want my shoulders to spread
like a canyon; I want my hips 
to feel like softened rock face,
with ripples to hold

I used to want straight hair without heat
Now I want to see the curls frizz 
in as many directions as they can possibly find

All the things that made me different 
have become my favorite parts about myself

All the things that used to cause disconnection
from other people have given me community
to others like me, but most importantly, 
to a part of myself that is unbothered

And even when the rest of me is very much bothered,
I have still water where I can put my feet

So when it feels like the world is a trash compactor
and you are the leftovers from Sunday’s brunch,
just remember that composted food becomes soil.
And without soil, there is no life.

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