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This one’s for the birds; so let’s sing!

I thought I was beyond holding onto this ego, but I’m not.

I don’t want to live forever. Yet I want some part of what I do here to remain once I'm gone. I want legacy. It’s my biggest dream.

It’s the thing I think will save me that I have to let go of so I can choose now. I can’t plan for legacy. I can’t make it a goal, though I’ve tried.

Everything of value is in the present.

I don’t want to make decisions for an idea of myself; I want to make decisions for who I am, what I value, what I want, what feels good.

I want to read, chase lightning bugs, get lost in the stars while staring from the edge of lake.

Letting go of needing to be remembered means I can take a whole lot of pressure off myself. What I create doesn't need to stand the tests of time to be meaningful.

Indeed, legacy without a life well-lived is no legacy at all. Get busy enjoying life.

Bless Grace Jones by Warsan Shire

Holy Mother of those deemed intimidating,
patron saint of the unapproachable,
savior of those told to soften their expression.

Our lady of uncomfortable silences,
Dame Grace Jones, your daughters
(damn their insomnia) turn in their dreamless sleep,
a legion of women flinching at touch.
Fortify them.

Monarch of the last word,
darling of the dark, arched brow,
we bless you, queen of the cut eye.

We lay our burdens at your feet,
careful not to weigh you down,
from you, we are learning
to put ourselves first.

The Boys Are Too Refined by The Hush Sound

I discovered Goodbye Blues in a used bookstore when I was about 14. I picked it up because it had an interesting cover with a girl who looked like me, trains (who doesn’t love trains?), and really good vibes.

It continues to be one of my favorite albums.

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